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Perfect your digital fundraising pitch

Every morning I check my email, scanning the countless “pitches” I’ve received, from sales notifications and subscription requests, to charity updates and feedback surveys, and I send most of them to the trash.  You, and your donors, are likely doing the same thing. These days, we are inundated with constant requests to buy, like, or support something. So, with your potential donors being asked for something so often, how do you cut through the clutter, present your cause in the best possible way and even include an “ask” prompting them to take action?


Not all your donors are the same.  People are much more motivated to give when the request is personal, and the “ask” is compelling and relatable.  By knowing as much as you can about your donors and tailoring your “ask” accordingly, you will have a much a greater chance of success.

While you may work from a general template, customize the message as much as you can.  If you are approaching a very large number of donors, you might segment based on past giving history, affiliation with the cause, a demographic characteristic, or other factors that make sense to your campaign.

When approaching a smaller market, you can personalize the message even further, so knowing as much as possible about your donor is key.  A generic request to support the local hospital is not as effective an “ask” as a request to buy an infant incubator would be to a parent whose child was born in the maternity ward.  Be specific and be as personal as possible.


You’ve connected and made it personal.  So now what?  Are you asking for money, event participation, or a like on Facebook?  The more specific and clear your request, the more likely your audience will be to participate.  And, with so many organizations vying for each person’s attention, money, and interest, if you can’t tell your donor why you’re asking for their help, they won’t be interested in helping.

Show them how their support will make a difference. Will their money buy new equipment for a school, feed hungry kids, or support medical research? Explain exactly what their support will allow your organization to achieve. Keep the message positive.  If they join your efforts, they are your partners and are part of your success. If they’ve given in the past, tell them what you accomplished thanks to their support.


You’re asking your donor for support, ideally not just sometime, but NOW. Asking a friend if they’d like to see a movie sometime is a lot different than making a plan to see the 7 PM show on Tuesday.  Having a goal or deadline spurs action, allowing you to “close” the gift.  This is why many organizations choose to run a “holiday campaign” or fundraise around a specific date or event.  Of course, you welcome support at any time, but if you can use a deadline or specific event to motivate commitment now, you will achieve your goal faster and gain a supporter for future campaigns.

With so much competing for our attention, having an effective “pitch” is critical.  The sooner you get a “yes”, the sooner you can begin to build and strengthen your relationship with your donor. Making a personal appeal with a clear message and call to action will set you on the path to success.


For more information on how to optimize your digital fundraising pitch and get the most out of your fundraising efforts, get in touch with us at 1.888.930.GIVE (4483) or

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