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How to ensure 

Giving Day fundraising

success for your organization


 1. Preparation 

Planning a successful giving day that reaches its fundraising goals takes time and effort. We recommend you begin at least 3 months in advance.

 We'll work with you to: 

  • Set an optimal date and time

  • Develop your fundraising strategy

  • Craft a compelling campaign story 

  • Fundraising goal setting

  • Identify matcher opportunities

  • Train your staff and volunteers


 2. Promotion 

The key to a successful day of giving is generating buzz around the cause and getting the word out to as many people as you can, across every channel.


 Motivate your supporters with our: 

  • Campaign branding

  • A step-by-step tactical playbook

  • Digital design & content for social media, e-mail and direct messaging

  • Intuitive, mobile optimized platform

  • Video storytelling


 3. Fundraise 

Launch your campaign and watch as the first two hours bring in more supporters than you normally process in months. And we're just getting started.


 Stay campaign confident with: 

  • Real-time reporting and live stats

  • Award winning user experience

  • Data encryption and security

  • PCI compliant payment processing

  • Easy campaign management tools

  • Concierge style coaching & support

How do Giving Days work so well?

Giving days work because they focus everyone at your organization on one simple task: raising as much money as possible in a single day.  Giving days allow you to wrangle your board, program staff, and volunteers to help your fundraising team reach out to donors and spread the word about your fundraising efforts.


By holding a giving day for your organization, you can leverage your team’s work into massive buzz and attention for your non-profit, expand your capacity by finding new donors, and remind your donors, board members, and other supporters about the importance of fundraising for the success of your organization’s mission and programs.

We'll guide you through our 3-step process:

Frequently asked questions

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