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Class-Based Fundraising Can Help You Crush Your School's Next Giving Day

Welcoming a New Era of School Fundraising

Are you part of a school community looking to infuse some extra energy and fun into your fundraising efforts? We have a fantastic concept we'd like to explore with you: class-led fundraising competitions. It’s not just a way to raise funds; it’s a brilliant opportunity to level up your fundraising event, uniting students, teachers, and parents toward a common goal.

Friendly Co-opetition: A Fresh Twist on Fundraising

Imagine the buzz and excitement as each class or grade bands together, aiming to outdo each other in a friendly fundraising race. This isn't just about competition; it's about building a stronger, more connected school community. Everyone gets a chance to contribute, innovate, and have fun, all while supporting a great cause.

Raise Days: Your Campaign’s Manager's Best Friend

Enter Raise Days, the ideal platform to bring your class-based competition to life. It simplifies setting up individual class pages, tracking progress, and sharing your goals. With Raise Days, managing your fundraising event becomes a seamless, enjoyable experience.

Exciting Rewards to Ignite Engagement

To keep the momentum high, here are some enticing rewards to consider:

  • Pizza Party: Who doesn't love a pizza party for the winning class?

  • No-Uniform Day: A chance for students to express themselves with their favourite outfits.

  • Movie Marathon: A special movie day for the class that leads the way.

  • Be the Principal Day: A dream come true for a student to take the reins for a day.

  • Surprise Field Trip: An adventurous outing that keeps everyone guessing.

  • Lunch with a Local Hero: An inspiring meal with someone admired in the community.

  • Best Parking Spot: A week of convenient parking for a lucky family.

  • A Homework-Free Week: A well-deserved break for the hardworking winners.

  • Creative Outlet: Define a common space within the school for the class to create a mural.

  • Tech Raffle: Who doesn't love gadgets? Purchase a few items that can be raffled off to classes that hit or exceed their goal.

Sharing is Key

Encouraging each class to share their fundraising page is crucial. With Raise Days, this becomes effortless, helping you reach new supporters and maximize your impact.

Making it Happen

Here’s how to kick off your campaign:

  1. Start with a Spark: Launch with an exciting event to capture everyone's attention.

  2. Start Soliciting: Activate your promotions plan, by sending emails and social posts. Recruit volunteers to make calls, asking if they would like to dedicate their gift to a specific class.

  3. Engage with Live Updates: Use the Raise Days’ leaderboard to fuel the competitive spirit.

  4. Celebrate All Wins: Regularly recognize the efforts and milestones of each class.

  5. Mix Up the Rewards: Keep the excitement alive with a variety of incentives.

Bringing it All Together

As you plan this adventure, remember it’s about more than just funds; it’s about fostering school spirit, collaboration, and joy. Ready to bring your school community together for an exciting and rewarding challenge? Let’s make it happen, one fun step at a time! 🌟🎉🤝

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