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How smartphone habits have changed fundraising strategies

Having a professional, well branded website is still one of the most important tools for any nonprofit organization as it remains the central hub of information and engagement opportunities. That being said, the habits and expectation of website visitors have evolved considerably over the past number of years. As modern society has shifted towards the convenience of mobile phone usage for many of their daily tasks, it has become even more important for charities to tailor their online presence towards mobile-friendly capabilities.


As smartphone habits bring massive change to fundraising strategies, it is no surprise to find the trend of mobile fundraising rapidly increasing as well. In fact, researchers have found that mobile donations have increased by 80% since the year 2013, with 18% of donors having processed their transactions via mobile phone. Interestingly, these statistics are not limited to the tech-savvy Millennials. Older generations have increased mobile usage and appreciate the convenience of donating-on-the-go. A proactive charity must know where their donors are located, and understand how to reach them. As most people are now relying on their mobile devices for information, news, resources and transactions, the risk of not adopting a mobile-ready platform can cost your organization potential donors and volunteers.


Although many organizations do their best to create mobile-friendly domains, not all of them have taken the time to carefully evaluate functionality. It is very important to go through your website via mobile phone to scrutinize the accessibility, visibility and compatibility of your design. If it is difficult for you to navigate through your material, it will be even more challenging for your visiting supporters to remain patient enough to troubleshoot, thus costing your organization a large portion of potential contributions.


90% of people can be found browsing their phones during their downtime – reading the news, paying their bills, catching up on social media. It is during these brief moments of leisure that many potential supporters may come across your fundraising campaign.  If the process is clear, quick and painless – there is a huge opportunity of acquiring donations. The easier the process, the more donations that will consequently roll through – so by eliminating lengthy forms full of unnecessary information, offer your donors the instant gratification of a quick and easy transaction.

Smartphone users have become increasingly more comfortable with processing their financial transactions online, making the opportunity for mobile fundraising an even greater focus for charities and nonprofit organizations. By understanding the habits, behaviours and preferences of your target demographic, you have the ability to tailor your campaign approach to best fit the needs of your potential donors, thus helping them help you support your common goal.


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