Giving back & paying it forward is baked in to our company's DNA

We're actually big fans of the work you do 😊 

Our team of digital fundraisers, creative marketers and tech wizards are hyper-focused on providing you with the best tools and services to ensure your day of giving fundraiser is a success. It's equally important to us that you and your team feel fully supported every step of the day of giving journey. 


But, we felt we could do even more to honour our Raise Days friends and the great work that they do. As such, 5% of our net proceeds are donated back to the causes we work with after each campaign. Here are a few reasons why...


It's important for our team to feel connected to your cause beyond the work that we do. 


We do everything we can to help reduce your overall cost of fundraising.


You may choose to pay it forward to another amazing cause, maintaining the cycle of giving. 

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As part of Giving Gateway’s commitment to give back, we are a proud member of The Upside Foundation of Canada. The Upside Foundation provides a platform to donate equity so that we can share our upside with our community.